The Brew Theory

Cold Brew Coffee


Our cold brew coffee, is handcrafted right here in Las Vegas, Nevada. The journey to find a better, healthier way to enjoy a cup of coffee. 



It all started about one year ago when our holistic and healthy lifestyle lead us away from conventional coffee like our big name competitors.  We had realized the harmful effects of coffee, the high acidity, the processed sugars and the chemicals in the water that were actually becoming concentrated with the brewing process. At that moment we were presented with a choice: we could either do away with coffee completely or find a better, healthier way to enjoy it. Then, THE BREW THEORY was born. The name comes from the initial theory that there is actually a better way to brew and enjoy coffee.



Our beans are sourced from Africa and are 100% fair trade and organic certified. They are grown in their natural habitat, in a place where neither pesticides or herbicides have ever been used. Our fair trade and organic, evaporated cane juice (sugar) is sourced from Paraguay. The water we use goes through a $60,000 filtration system that uses a double reverse osmosis, ultra violet light, and a 12-step filtration process, all before being alkalized to a 9.5 pH level, to ensure that we are using the absolute purest water possible. We then use a cold brewing process that takes up to 18 hours to extract the benefits of the coffee beans resulting in a smooth, less acidic, extra caffeinated cup of coffee!


THE BREW THEORY is best served over ice, but can also be served hot, and may be enjoyed with your favorite creamer. It is available unsweetened or lightly sweetened. There is about 200 milligrams of caffeine per serving, more than double the amount of an average cup of coffee. We use glass bottles which are more environmentally friendly, and BPA-free. Our product must be kept refrigerated, and is best consumed within 7-10 days of opening, with a shelf life of 90 days.

Coffee for better health?


If you are like most people, you start you day with a cup of coffee. If you’ve ever wondered what effect that coffee has on your body, I have great news for you: Coffee is good for your health! About the only downside to coffee is that it has an acidic pH, but alkaline water can fix that. Better Tasting Coffee with Alkaline Water Alkaline water takes much of the bitterness out of your morning coffee. Simply have your coffee with alkaline water and you end up with coffee that tastes better, and has an alkaline pH! Reducing the acidity of coffee with alkaline water makes it easier on your stomach too!

Health Benefits of Coffee

Coffee can make you smarter. The caffeine in coffee that keeps you awake also blocks an inhibitory neurotransmitter called Adenosine. Studies show that by blocking adenosine’s inhibitory effect, caffeine actually increases brain activity! Studies show that this improves your mood as well.

Coffee can also help you lose weight. Caffeine stimulates your metabolism, and increases the oxidation of fatty acids. Caffeine has also been found to help stimulate the release of fatty acids from body tissues. Combine this with alkaline water’s superior hydration and you get the benefits of both!

Studies have shown repeatedly that coffee significantly reduces your risk of developing type II diabetes. People who have several cups per day have a much lower risk of developing type II diabetes.

Some of the best news about coffee is that it may help you remember to continue to drink it. Coffee has been shown to protect your brain against Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s. Coffee drinkers have up to a 60% lower risk of developing these two conditions. Your liver also benefits from coffee, it has been shown to lower your risk of cirrhosis by 80%, and cancer by 40%. The strongest effect was seen in people who drank more than 4 cups per day.

Alkaline Water Coffee as a Nutrient and an Antioxidant

The most amazing fact about coffee is that it contains a massive amount of antioxidants, way more than fruit or vegetables! Combined with alkaline water, coffee may even become a more potent antioxidant. Alkaline water has been shown in studies to enhance the effects of antioxidants that it is taken with. Coffee supplies vitamins and minerals itself, and when made with alkaline water. The amount of vitamins and minerals in a cup of coffee is small, but if you drink a few cups it adds up!  Drink up, and be sure to stay hydrated with alkaline water.  Be sure to check out our #1 pick for the best tasting coffee with alkaline water out there at